hong kong digital marketing & email stats 2022

hong kong digital marketing & email stats 2022

hong kong digital marketing & email stats 2022 1004 300 digital devotee

Getting internet and email statistics for Hong Kong are always a little challenging, even when pandemics and wars aren’t raging.  My handy annual roundup is here!

Population & Internet Use

We Are Social + Hootsuite compiles great snapshot reports of digital, and particularly social media, annually. Take a look at many other markets and B2C stats they cover as well!  These statistics are from their Feb 2022 report.


Internet Penetration Rate


Female population




Female literacy


Male literacy


watch videos weekly


watch tutorial / how-to videos weekly


listen to podcasts weekly


use banking, investment, or insurance online monthly


concerned about what's real vs fake on internet


worry about how companies use their data


use a VPN at least sometimes


use online tools to translate text weekly

Social Media

% of internet users who use these monthly >

Signal and Telegram increased substantially YOY.


linkedin ad reach vs. total population


female linkedin ad reach



Purchased online weekly


YOY change in value of digital payments


research brands on search engines


research brands on social media


Email statics for Hong Kong are always hard to find! Campaign Monitor is a large enterprise provider who does some benchmarking for Asia.  This data is from 100+ billion emails sent by their customers in 2021.

The Asia-Pacific region has the highest engagement rates across the board — including the highest unsub rates. Clearly, subscribers from this region are engaging with email marketing, but they’re also keeping a close watch on who they let in their inboxes.

Due to changes in Apple’s policy for Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), most emails received by Apple Mail users now register as “opened” due to automatic downloads of the open tracking pixels. Consider focusing more on clicks than opens if you have a significant number of Apple Mail users.

Forecast by Validity


Email’s new normal is here to stay

Global email volume will continue to increase, meaning added pressure on deliverability and more competition in subscribers’ inboxes. In this email climate, it’s critical to maintain a top sender reputation and observe established best practices.


Senders haven’t yet seen the full impact of MPP

While nearly all senders saw inflated open rates following the September rollout of MPP, they experienced limited actual impact on their email performance. As a result, many senders have been complacent about MPP. Unfortunately, the negative trends in complaints, opt outs, signal that MPP may have unexpected consequences. Senders should be on the alert for signals like these as MPP adoption increases. It’s like watching Jaws: You haven’t seen the shark yet, but the eerie music is starting.


Relevant, empathetic messaging matters

The COVID-19 pandemic taught senders important lessons about achieving the right balance of commercialism and empathy in email. Senders who failed to adopt the appropriate tone saw high complaint rates and unsubscribes in 2021. As competition in the inbox increases, senders need to find ways to give their emails a human element and sell with sensitivity.

Taura Edgar

I am a digital marketing professional based in Hong Kong since 1998. I have developed and led digital teams to grow brands and have a wide background in strategy, conception, art direction and production for digital projects.

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