7 ways to optimize your SEO for voice search

7 ways to optimize your SEO for voice search

7 ways to optimize your SEO for voice search 1004 300 digital devotee

Hopefully you are already paying attention to your site’s on-page SEO and PR.  What’s next though isn’t just about typing, it’s voice.  OK Google, Hey Siri, Alexa are changing the way we search as natural language interactions with our devices get more accurate and useful.

Here are some stats for some classic voice search phrases in Google Trends…

Look at that increase after iPhone and Google voice search was released in 2008!


% who have used voice search or voice command tools on their mobile in the past month

GlobalWebIndex Insight Report 2018

1. Write How People Actually Speak

  • Create question-and-answer pages (FAQs) and write individual articles answering customer questions
  • Add questions to product pages
  • Use Answer the Public (free and has great website design!), Question Samurai (signup required) and StoryBase (paid) to find popular questions related to your product / topic.

2. Optimize for Local Queries

Compare how big “near me” is to the “call home” above!

3. Try to Get Your Site a Featured Snippet

4. Be Mobile-friendly

5. Write Long-form Content

  • Show that you know what you’re talking about while adding fuel for search engines
  • Voice search results are generally 29 words; however Google sources voice results from long-form content

6. HTTPS Site Security is Critical

7. Advanced Bonus: Create Google Actions

  • Extend Google Assistant by helping people get things done with Google Actions
  • If you have access to custom developing consider thinking of ways you can create software to extend the functionality of the Google Assistant across more than 500 million devices, including smart speakers, phones, cars, TVs, headphones, watches, and more.  As Gwerzman says “Humans are lazy. But they LOVE to talk.”


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